Tea Trail Tales

Tea Trail Tales - Thursday Trail Notes March 13 2014

Tea Trail Tales is our new collection of short notes from our Off the Beaten Path adventures on the Tea Trails from the forest, the farm, the kitchen and afar at Origin whihc often is my fav of all ~ forest. I will share tea tips, tasting notes, trailblazing tales, insights into TeaCrafting, special collabs and fun experiments with everything Tea, Tisane and Teaware.

Tea is a very personal experience as with everything else in life. We are all hardwired a bit different in our nervous system where aroma, taste and how that relays to the brain to trigger memory is very unique. Tea infusion guidelines on each bag or our website can help with making the most pleasurable cup of tea. That means it is open to interpretation of course to play creatively.

Sitting at night in a mountain pavilion, drawing spring water to boil tea. As the water and fire battle it out, the scent of the pine billows through the trees as I pour a cup,bathed in light from the clouds. The profound pleasure of this moment is hard to convey in words to those of common tastes.      
—Ming Dynasty Literati

To infuse the finest cup of tea from traditional ceremonials to your own comfort rituals, always use fresh drawn spring or filtered tap water. It really is all about the water, then the tea and tea vessel all work in harmony to infuse delightfully memorable cup of tea. Follow the water temperature guideline because its a good tried and true guide to extract the most out of your loose leaf teas. Again no worries if it is not perfect, nothing ever is and that is fine. Infusion time can be adjusted to suit you but give the times a little trial at first, then experiment. If you have the same problem I encounter, mostly at tea sampling events with chatting and losing track, I suggest downloading an app to help out. Although I have not found one that is excellent just yet, these apps sound an alarm when the time is up.

The point is craft your own Tea Ritual. Get comfortable with your tea gear and the character of your new tea of choice at that moment. Choosing a tea is very much a mood thing so it changes everyday. Tea requires us to be present in the moment which is hard to do with all the distractions nowadays. Once you get your first few Gaiwan sessions dialed with an amazing Single Origin Oolong or Pu-erh you will understand why sages, tea poets and tea lovers just like you have fallen in love with this ancient wise brew. Sip reverently and peacefully.

Namasthé TeaCrafter
Isabelle Ranger

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