Craft Stovetop Chai Tea

Stovetop Chai Latté

Crafting "Slow Simmer" Stovetop Chai is a blissfuly aromatic experience that is perfect for thermos to go or matinée ritual. Dairy or non is your personal choice! Pull out your grandma's heirloom kettle, a cool thriftshop pot or plain saucepan. Making Chai latté is simple, meditative and a great way to infuse mantras of gratitude while stirring. Always make your food with Love!


To make 4 cups of Chai Latté

1. Add 2 cups of fresh spring or filtered water in your stove top kettle and bring to a boil.

2. Add 4 Tbsps. of Organic Loose Leaf EchinaChaiBhaktea Chai our caffeine-free Rooibos Chai or Chaga Chai our super immune boost detox Chai  (EchinaChai also comes in loose leaf teapouches so use 3 or 4). Simmer for a minimum 5 - 15 mins. or more to extract more spicyness that infuses a warming divine aroma in your whole house. This concentrate can be used in baking, desserts, sauces or to spice Apple Cider.

3. Drop down to low heat, add 2 cups of organic whole milk or non-dairy mylk and bring to 65*C to 70*C, then turn off heat. You do not want to scald your milk to avoid a skin. If you are using a espresso steam wand with this concentrate then foam your milk to perfection at same temperature pour in your milk creating latté art with the slow cooked dark infusion or rich red from your Bhaktea Chai.

4. Use your tea strainer over each cup and pour your "slow simmer" real Chai tea in each cup. Add some local raw unpasteurized honey or maple syrup to sweeten although our real vanilla bean adds a sweet rich creamy finish to many of our Chai Tea blends! Our kids love to sip their Chai in a Cinnamon straw.

Warming Chai Latté Tea warms your body,soul and home as the season shifts. Happy Chai Crafting!


Isabelle Ranger

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