The Spirit of Foraging and Sharing

Tea Trail Tales #3        March 29 2014

Foraged tisane of Myrica, Labrador, Yarrow, Rosehips, Lobaria, Tea bloom & Pine

As an adventurous foraging Herbalist, tasting each medicinal tincture I craft in their most usual natural form: bitter, pungent or astringent helped develop a penchant for distilled spirits. Brandy is a must for marshmallow root tinctures as one of our house staples. Maybe it was my francophone family open minded appreciation of spirits from a young age or my interest in finest Cognacs, Pastis, la Fée verte, Scotch Whisky, Gin and mostly the botanicals used to craft these spirits. Back when I had my liquor license for 99% alc.vol., I could extract resins like myrrh, propolis, poplar buds, Goldenseal for their necessary extractive stronger strengths. Now that Poplar buds are resinous and budding, their balsamic aroma evokes a primal urge to tincture their spring medicinals for the year ahead.

  Lobaria Lichen and Usnea Tincture macerating in Gin.

They are like a preserved form of easily accessible tea when it counts. When we really need them is usually when feeling terrible, so making tea is not as easy when unwell. Dragging oneself to the kitchen to get a sip of water, then dropping some tinctures into the glass can be a huge saving grace.

Another interest I have is sitting at the bar chatting with mixologists while enjoying great food, learning and sharing with intrepid bartenders who craft house-made tinctures and syrups.  So you will see and hear much more about cool collaborations, fun new uses for our foraged botanicals picked at their peak potency to represent our unique BC Thérroir.

Mead Champenoise of Heather & Fogg, White & Puerh Tea and foraged botanicals.



Isabelle Ranger






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