Medicinal Tisanes ~ Foraged and Hand Crafted

Solstice Greetings and to everbrighter days upon us! Our wise plant friends absorb, transform and store precious golden sunlight into tasty tisanes that help us through the long cold winter days. Bundle up with festive Douglas Fir a vitamin rich, soothing, digestive and expectorant botanical to ease coughs, nourish and relax during these darker introspective months. Join forces with the light through calming medicinal tisanes in the ancient ritual of wild tisanes from our BC coast, foraged by our Namasthé family. Boreal forest Chaga from Ontario foraged by our friends, Pioneer herbs from Québec and ancient botanicals from our organic partner around the globe. Our new Cold and Flu is a great staple on hand to avoid a cold creeping deeper or to sweat out a Flu. It is always best to begin herbals as soon as there is a tickle, chill so best keep on hand like we do at home. Our New Licorice Mint Moss Tisane is a delicious medicinal that promotes lung wellness, immunitea and adrenal support for excess stress.
Sip some Ancient Forest wisdom to stay warm, healthy and merry during these Holidays. For a perfect Festive tea try our Jade Fir or if you feel a little overindulgence has you feeling a little  bogged down try Labrador Tea aromatics to ease digestive overload. It may also be wiser to Detox with our Chaga Chai after all and set your intentions light and bright for a great start to 2015.
Santé, Peace and Love to you and yours!
From all of us at Namasthé Tea Co.

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