Medicinal Tisanes ~ Foraged and Hand Crafted

Our new Cold and Flu is a great staple on hand to avoid a cold creeping deeper or to sweat out a Flu. It is always best to begin herbals as soon as there is a tickle, chill so best keep on hand like we do at home. Our New Licorice Mint Moss Tisane is a delicious medicinal that promotes lung wellness, immunitea and adrenal support for excess stress. Solstice Greetings!

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Sowing and Foraging with the Moon

Tea Trail Tales #4  April 3, 2014 Namasthé has crafted Smudge: our unique 100% BC foraged and grown tisane of Native botanicals and BC herbals from our TPatch at Root Down Organic Farm. Smudge is earthy, citrusy, astral, sweet, pungent and it evokes the taste of the land as enjoyed for millennia by BC First Nations. We have added some traditional cleansing herbals used in sweat lodges both as a smudging and sipping tisane for a wild seasonal boost.   by Foraging TeaCrafter Isabelle Ranger

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Tea Trail Tales

Tea Trail Tales is our new collection of short notes from our Off the Beaten Path adventures on the Tea Trails from the forest, the farm, the kitchen and afar at the Origins. I will share tea tips, tasting notes, trailblazing tales, insights into TeaCrafting, special collabs and fun experiments with everything Tea, Tisane and Teaware. Choosing a tea is very much a mood thing so it changes everyday. Tea requires us to be present in the moment which is hard to do with all the distractions nowadays. Once you get your first few Gaiwan sessions dialed with an amazing Single Origin Oolong or Pu-erh you will understand why sages, tea poets and tea lovers just like you have fallen in love with this ancient wise brew.

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