Namasthé Tea Jade Cloud

Jade Cloud

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Spring harvested green tea nurtured by the sub tropical spring mists of the high elevation-grown, China. Fresh, fruity and delicate green tea leaves in the mountains shrouded in nourishing rich mists that, along with thérroir and special processing, creates a perfect balance of toasted and umami taste.

  • Fresh spring mist and lightly toasted aroma of green tea with refreshing slightly buttery delightful umami taste with a low astringency and sweet lingering finish. Versatile, friendly, deliciously fun green tea to enjoy daily or pair variety of foods.

  • Certified Organic first flush spring harvest of delicate two leaves and bud #1 grade.

  • Infuse 1Tbsp. of tea to 250ml. of water at 82°C for 3 min (1st infusion) 4 min (2nd infusion)

  • Organic Spring harvest Green Tea.