Orange Blossom Green Tea
Orange Blossom Green Tea
Orange Blossom Green Tea

Orange Blossom Green Tea

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Orange Blossom Green Tea is our special blend, with few gentle green and white tea layers. Dainty citrus with the bright flavors of Lemongrass and notes of orange, lime and tangerine essential oil. Organic Tulsi add the final euphoric touch for our delicate botanical green tea. Enjoy it all day or early evening for low caffeine indulgence.

Organic with locally grown ingredients

  • Delicate aroma of floral, fruity flowers. Light umami taste with toasted notes of citrus blossoms, jasmine with a lovely light buttery finish and sweet aftertaste.

  • Organic high mountain-grown spring harvested green tea. Fujian-grown white tea with jasmine. Lemongrass and Tulsi

  • 1 Tbsp of tea to 250 ml water at 82°C for 3 min (1st infusions) 4 min (2nd Infusion)

  • Organic ingredients: Jade cloud, Lemongrass, Tulsi, Jasmine Green Tea, essential oil of Lime, Orange & Tangerine.