Do you know what’s in your tea? Even if it’s natural, organic and prepared by a mass tea blending house, which most are, take a closer look. Most tea manufacturers use the same catchwords as the food industry, leading many tea lovers to believe that their organic “all natural” teas are well …. natural. Folx are lead to believe that their fun berry tea, cream of earl grey, chai spice or seasonal caramel tea is what they say it is. If your tea contains “natural flavours” they are are adding lab made flavouring that mimics taste, copies aromas, makes them addictive and fuels their bottom line. A single “Natural flavour”can be made of up to 250 different components from different sources all made in labs for big profits. Not what you would expect of a healthy looking tea named after a certain fruit, flower, berry or sweet treat really. We know it is disappointing, but so many resellers who actually don’t teacraft their teas, have no idea what is in them at all. Not their fault truly since they don’t actually see any of the labels from these proprietary flavours.

Why is that? The main reason is it way cheaper to replicate nature at a fraction of the cost ie. all candies from the candy shop….making flavours pop ever more intensely, so folx consume and crave more. Remind you of the bag of chips ir bag if candy you can’t stop eating? Same fun wild flavours but different product that is why. 

How are these natural flavours made? What is actually in them? What do they do to our bodies and brains is highly secretive part of the whole of the food industry which tea is pervasively flavoured with them. The multi billion dollar flavouring is growing with more fun flavours for the next product. 

We don’t have natural flavours in any of our Ranger Teas! 

 Ranger Teas are made from real botanicals of the nunak “land” from respectfully gathered mountain botanicals, organic medicinals and pure plant essential oils from the rind of real citrus fruit. As botanical teacrafters and herbalist formulated medicinals tisanes there is no space for fake in our brews. 

At Ranger Tea, natural flavourings are not an option – we only use real herbs we gather or source at the peak of their freshness, taste and potency. 100% pure essential oils of real plants. Herbals we teacraft still contain their true medicinals, precious aromatics preserved by our whole plant preserving. We source teas from certified organic farms and trusted smallholder family farmers to ensure purity and quality. 

Ranger Tea


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