Macacha Elixir
Macacha Elixir
Macacha Elixir
Macacha Elixir

Macacha Elixir

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Organic L-Theanine rich freshly stone-milled Matcha powder direct from Uji Japan, with adaptogenic elixir boost of triple Andean high mountain Maca roots & Siberian Ginseng. Detoxifying Chlorella, nourishing Spirulina and real Vanilla Bean.  An energy, memory and mood enhancer for your wellness daily ritual.

Superfoods Chlorella and Spirulina are also part of this powerfully detoxify and nourish deeply with antioxidant rich organic Matcha powder. Believed to have been a staple for the Aztecs that spirulina cakes were regularly sold as far back as the 16th century. On Spirulina from an old book;

“They make it into cakes like bricks, which they sell, not only in the market (of Tenochtitlan) but carry it to others outside the city, and far off. They eat this as we eat cheese, and it has rather a salty taste, which is delicious with chilmolli (a pungent sauce). They say that so many birds come to the lake for this food, that often in winter some parts are covered with them.”

Maca roots balance hormones, boost energy and are adaptogenic to help cope better with physical and mental stress.


JAS Organic, COR, USDA 
  • Our rich umami fresh milled Matcha and its high chlorophyll taste, with a subtle nutty flavor well rounded and sweetened by vanilla.  

  • Fresh stone milled Matcha from Uji, Kyoto and botanicals from our organic partner farmers around the globe. 

  • Draw fresh filtered water, warm to 70°C, add 1 tsp of sifted Matcha powder to water. Using bamboo whisk, whisk with a conscious wrist 'M' motion until silky smooth. Enjoy Presently.

  • Organic ingredients: Matcha powder, Maca root, Siberian Ginseng, Chlorella, Spirulina & Vanilla bean.