Hibiscus Love Tisane - Ranger Tea
Hibiscus Love Tisane - Ranger Tea
Hibiscus Love Tisane - Ranger Tea

Hibiscus Love Tisane

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Give love and share love with superfood Hibiscus Love, our zingy hibiscus herbal tea with adaptogenic Tulligunnak (rhodiola) and Tulsi that support your body, immune system and mind to cope better with stress. Our superfruit blend includes Peruvian maqui berries, schizandra, and raw cacao nibs. Bundled with sweet rooibos nectar, the queen of roses, heart-nourishing hawthorn, Tulsi and warming spices.

  • Fruity, floral and spiced aroma. Zingy hibiscus with its fruity and juicy pomegranate taste, enlivening five-flavored fruit schizandra, with jammy blackberry-spiced taste of maqui berries. Full-bodied fruit taste with heightened floral notes of the roses, rhodiola, hawthorn and unique Tulsi-spiced sweetness. Base notes lingering with a finish with warmed spicy notes pair well with cacao.

  • Hand-harvested and sun dried hibiscus sabdariffa varietal. South African Cederberg Mountain microclimate rooibos. Andean high mountain organic grown Peruvian maqui berry superfood. Single origin Peruvian raw cacao beans. 

  • Infuse 1Tbsp in 250 ml water at 100°C for 5+ min. Infuse again to extract all nourishing elements that boost your body.

  • Organic ingredients: Hibiscus, Rooibos, Tulsi, Maqui Berry, Cardamom, Rhodiola, Orange Peel, Rose, Cacao nibs, Schizandra, apple juice sweetened Blueberries, Hawthorn, Ginger & Licorice.