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Beet Pow

Beet Pow

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Latté Powder 100g

Fuel up with the nourishing Beet Pow power of iron and minerals from organically grown beet roots and antioxidant-packed Andean adaptogenic superfood maca. Sweetness comes naturally from beets and cinnamon, or you can add just a dash of organic maple syrup. Warm up your digestion and circulation with a light touch of spices!

Enjoy 19 servings per 100g

 Adaptogenic / Organic / Latte Mix


Enjoy 19 adaptogenic servings.


Cozy up with a cup, use 1 tsp. of Beet Pow Latte Mix to 60ml of hot water, dissolve the Beet Pow Latte Mix with a spoon. Add 1 cup of your choice of steam mylk or cold mylk.


Organic ingredients: Beet, Cinnamon, Ginger, Maca, Cardamom, Cloves & Nutmeg.


Ingrédients biologique: Bettrave, Cannelle, Gingembre, Maca, Rooibos Rouge, Cardamome, Clous de Girofle et Muscade.

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