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Chamomile Blossoms

Chamomile Blossoms

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We all deserve some deliciously nourishing Chamomile Blossoms tisane to soothe the senses. Long days using technology, stressful lifestyles and the overall demands of life. Recharge with evening wellness rituals can be a game changer to prepare for a good night of restful sleep. Put the kettle on after dinner and infuse yourself deeply with this glowing ancient botanical that gently eases digestion, soothes inflammation and calms the nervous system with some Chamomile Blossoms. You deserve that quiet nurturing moment to unwind with gorgeous organic chamomile. 

Tea Tip
Chamomile Blossoms makes a wonderful eyewash at body or cooler temperature as either a tisane; great for tired eyes from excess screen time, irritations or for relaxing, peaceful moments in your bathtub. Use clean cloth, muslin bag or spent tea pouch to soothe and cool.


Sweet aroma of honey blossom, apples and soothing azulene. Delicate golden-hued liquor with refreshing floral mouthfeel and lingering sweetly. German chamomile grown organically are the freshest commercially available botanicals


Chamomile Blossoms organically grown in Egypt.


1Tbsp. of Chamomile Blossoms to 250 ml of fresh drawn spring water at 100°C for 4 - 5min (1st infusion) 5 - 6 min (2nd infusion)


Organic fresh harvested German Chamomile.

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