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Earl Grey

Earl Grey

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Our house blend organic Earl Grey is crafted with our signature Fresh Tracks Breakfast black tea blend of Assam and Ceylon, and infused with pure cold-pressed bergamot essential oils from Calabria, Italy. Rich, malty, smoky, fruity, and floral with a bright uplifting aroma cherished by Earl Grey aficionados. It is an exquisite and noble address to the legendary Earl Grey who first popularized this now-famous 19th-century classic and beloved tea worldwide. A daily ritual that provides a brightening effect on any grey West Coast day. 

* Best Stored in airtight glass, stainless steel, or food grade tin containers to preserve pure precious aromatic Bergamot citrus oils. 


Uplifting bright Italian bergamot citrus, bold malty & lightly smoky organic Assam, paired with bright floral & fruity muscatel Sri Lankan black tea then a lofty high mountain. Full-bodied, pleasing astringency, enticing fruity notes with lovely lingering bergamot citrus finish.


Blend of Ceylon from Sri Lankan tea estate grown at 4000-5900 feet above sea level and Assam grade grown between 500-1500. Pure cold-pressed Bergamot essential oils from Calabria, Italy


Infuse 1 Tbsp. of Earl Grey in 250 ml water at 100°C for 4 min (1st infusion) and 5 min (2nd infusion).


Ingredients: Assam & Sri Lankan Black Teas. With pure cold pressed Bergamot oil from Calabria, Italy.

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