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Fresh Tracks Breakfast black tea

Fresh Tracks Breakfast black tea

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Start the day right with our blend of bold organic estate Fresh Tracks Breakfast black tea grown organically with fair-trade standards. Brisk, malty and jammy Assam grown between 500-1500 feet paired perfectly with fine fruity & floral pekoe from high mountain Sri Lankan tea estate grown at 4000-5900 feet above sea level. Brighten your morning with amazing Fresh Tracks Breakfast black tea straight up or that can hold its own with mylk. Awaken your trailblazing spirit with Fresh Tracks Breakfast black tea.


Bold and malty Assam blended with uplifting Sri Lankan high mountain tea. Open up pit fruit flavor, reminiscent of prune or raisins, followed with nice subtle flowery notes and perfect pleasant astringent finish.


Blend of Ceylon from Sri Lankan tea estate grown at 4000-5900 feet above sea level and Assam grade grown between 500-1500.


Infuse 1Tbsp. of tea to 250ml. of water at 100°C for 5 min


Organic ingredients: Sri Lanka & Assam Black Tea..


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