Namasthé Ginger Tulsi Rooibos - caffeine free tisane
Namasthé Hibiscus Love tea
Namasthé Turmeric Ginger Tonic
Namasthé Cacao Mint Rooibos

Herbal Tisanes Sampler

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Herbalist Sampler

Allow yourself to relax and unwind with the perfect Herbal tea or go for the energizing, nourishing natural energy from the plants. The Herbal Sampler is the ultimate way of discovering Ranger Tea’s  non caffeinated herbal blends. There will be one that is sure to uplift your mood with its perfect balance of botanicals. Each tisane is a tasty adventure of its own, all loaded with vitamins and flavours to help sooth your body and soul.

Herbal Tisane Discovery Basket contains these 4 teas to make over 20 cups of wild brews:

Savasana, Hibiscus Love, Turmeric Ginger Tonic, Cacao Mint Rooibos.