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Jade Cloud

Jade Cloud

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Organically cultivated Jade Cloud green tea nursed by the Spring mists and harvested at heights of 1500-4500 feet in China. Bright, fruity, and dainty leaves enriched by the opulent mountain mists and lightly toasted in the classic style. Making a remarkable and tender elongated leaf with a flawless harmony of toasted and umami taste. Handcrafted in small batches, this tea is light and flavourful, so easy to sip! Jade Cloud is as beautiful as it is tasty!


The invigorating spring mist and lightly toasted aroma of Jade Cloud seduce the senses, while its refreshing buttery umami taste and low astringency excite the palate. End with a sweet lingering finish for a delightfully versatile and fun green tea to savor daily or pair with a variety of foods.


Certified Organic first flush spring harvest of delicate two leaves and bud #1 grade.


Infuse 1 tbsp. of tea to 250ml. of water at 82°C for 3 min (1st infusion) 4 min (2nd infusion)


Organic Spring Harvest Green Tea.

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