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Matcha for Latté 100g

Matcha for Latté 100g

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Fuel your journey with our organic Matcha for Latté. Grown in Kagoshima, Japan. Tencha green tea leaves deliver a cascade of supercharged antioxidants. Enjoy the benefits of green tea that enhanced your metabolism and boost your immune system functions with smooth caffeine focus boost. Detox your body with a powerful punch of chlorophyll in every sip. Open up to calm focus with L-Theanine in this lush blend. Ignite your day with a smooth, silky latte every morning, or stir into smoothies and scrumptious desserts.


Indulge in our luxurious Umami Matcha with its refreshing vegetal-sweet flavor.


Kagoshima, Japan.


Draw fresh filtered water, warm to 70°C, add 1 tsp of sifted Matcha powder to water. Using bamboo whisk, whisk with a conscious wrist 'M' motion until silky smooth. Enjoy Presently.


Organic Matcha powder. 

Stone Milled & Shade Grown

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