View from above of a tea pot and an alluring dash of organic Sencha tea on bich cut slice, sitting on a coffee Table.
Genmaicha organic
Matcha Genmaicha Organic
Matcha Sencha Yabukita organic

Kagoshima Japanese Tea Sampler 4 pack

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Japanese tea Sampler 

Travel to Japan's lush coast lines and experience the fifth taste, Umami. Japanese tea's exclusive flavour, are unmatched outside of the island. They have a bright chlorophyll character, bittersweet and with varietal subtlety. A unique taste coming from the steaming of the tea leaf instead of the mainland traditional roasting process. A process unequaled anywhere else, flavour mastered to an Art level by Japanese. 


Sencha Yabukita, Genmaicha, Matcha Genmaicha, Matcha Sencha Yabukita.