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MamaittuKutik (Labrador Tea) 2022

MamaittuKutik (Labrador Tea) 2022

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MamaittuKutik (Labrador Tea) has a long history of traditional use with Inuit, Métis and First Nations all across Canada as an alterative, tonic expectorant, detox tisane, bowel regulator, anti-inflammatory and blood sugar balancer. In my Inuttitut dialect of Nunatsiavut it is called MamaittuKutik. It has been sipped since time immemorial in amounts of 2 to 3 cups a day. As a tonic it is still a favorite black tea substitute. Northern Labrador tea, Rhododendron tomentosum occurs as a rare species in Scotland, parts of Europe and Russia including Germany “sumpfporst” where, in the 18th Century was added to ale brewing along with Sweet Gale in Beers & Gruits. Commonly known in Fennoscandia “skvattram” in Swedish; “finnmarkspors” in Norwegian; “suopursu” in Finnish as a medicinal plant in folk tradition. It makes the best campfire tisane full of vitamin C, spice for rubs, broths, pot au feu and soups or wild vinaigrettes. Infuse yourself in the traditional wild wellness brew.

PRECAUTIONS: Use in moderation or avoid during pregnancy.


Labrador is a beautiful woodsy aromatic botanicals with rosemary, camphor, swamp funk aroma exuding volatile oils when crushed or infused. Delicate, brothy, buttery, umami mouthfeel with soothing aromatic medicinal qualities and a fresh and sweet finish.


Respectfully gathered on Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh and L̓il̓wat7úl territory, hand harvested seasonally and sustainably in a way that promotes growth in the plant communities. Lovely orange rust underside rich in matured aromatic volatile oils.


Infuse 1 tsp of freshly crushed leaves or 3-5 full leaves whole in 250 ml of boiled water at 100°C for 5 to 10 min. Re-steep leaves 1 to 2 times to extract all of the flavorful health benefits of this traditional native botanical.


Respectfully Gathered wild MamaittuKutik (Labrador Tea) 

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