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MamaittuKutik Mug 12 oz.

MamaittuKutik Mug 12 oz.

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MamaittuKutik - holds a very special space close to my heart, as one of my traditional plant medicines that has been used in my Culture for millennia. In Nunatsiavummiutut, a dialect of Inuktitut from Labrador, it is called MamaittuKutik or "Labrador Tea"  It has been sipped since time immemorial for its soothing medicinal properties in amounts of 2 to 3 cups a day for colds, flus, digestion and inflammation. 

This beautiful botanical is so aromatic, and soothing and always makes me feel at home out on the nunak "land". It is bright and cheery and pairs so well with other medicinals and wild game. Our friend Carrie LaChance knew how much we loved this plant kin and she gifted us an original design all made with plant inks. It is so important to us it is on every label of every tea we make! It is our beloved logo and we are so happy to have it featured on our Baskets and Botanicals Collection mug! To recreate it as it is very detailed with color nuances, we collaborated with RB Pottery, located in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh to hand paint each mug. Each one is unique and based on the original.

When we respectfully gather Mamaittukutik for our blends we are always wrapped in its cozy fuzz, enticing aroma, and soothing benefits for the nervous system. We hope each hand-painted mug wraps you in the same warmth, care, and comfort.



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