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Misattak Mug

Misattak Mug

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Misattak Mug - 16oz.

Misattak - Dandelion in Nunatsiavummiutut. Beautiful botanical with so many benefits for the Community, plant kin, and nunak. Daily nourishing with vitamins, minerals, and digestive bitters. Many of our tisanes are graced with Misattak (Dandelion) for its liver support, detoxifying, and blood-enriching properties. We have loved this edible & medicinal plant kin throughout the years in many delicious salads, jellies, remedies of all sorts even sipping through its straws. We wanted to honor it through the gorgeous artwork gifted to us by Carrie Lachance (Little Lichen) who painted the original with all plant inks as an ode to this plant relative who deserves much praise. These hand-made, hand-painted ceramic mugs are made locally by RB Pottery in Skwxwú7mesh. Speckled clay, textured botanical carved in, and hand-painted. We also have a long-awaited new brew coming soon also called Misattak that will pair perfectly for your wellness ritual. 

500ml. -16oz. 


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