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TakKik Mug 12oz.

TakKik Mug 12oz.

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TakKik - means Moon in Nunatsiavummiutut, dialect of Inuktitut from Labrador. Flow into your long line of Matriarchs, who have honored TakKik's cycles for millennia. Quiet nurturing time for reflection, reconnection to the Nunak "land" and appreciation of TakKik.

We have a tisane called TakKik that is for moon cycles to rebalance, soothe, nourish and support the liver. A powerful combination of the two together to attune to the moon, your body and your cycle. Each moon phase bring a different energy, mood and gift.

This mug celebrates the power of TakKik "Moon" and the natural cycles of life. The pull of the tides, growth botanicals and the individual connection we each have to it. Celebrate the nourishing moon cycle and cultivate self-care with this meaningful mug. 

Made in collaboration with RB Pottery located in Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and part of our Baskets and Botanicals Ceramic Collection.



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