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Sencha Karigane

Sencha Karigane

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Sencha Karigane is the perfect everyday organic Japanese green tea. Named after the stems which are a tea by-product obtained during the refining process of Gyokuro and Sencha tea leaves after harvest. As one of the steps of refining, the tea leaves and stems/twigs are sorted and separated from each other. The separated stems can be used to make #Kukicha, stem tea, also called 'Karigane' in the Kyoto area.

1st flush Sencha leaves and stems grown in Kagoshima with delightful freshly cut grass aroma, a pretty yellow liquor, and refreshingly floral, citrusy notes.

Easy to infuse, this tea shows no astringency and is a great fit for informal everyday drinking. Try accentuating the taste with cold or room temperature brewed (Mizudashi), and try infusing in cold sparkling water to brighten. Comforting green tea daily ritual. 

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