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Wuyi Oolong (Shui Xian)

Wuyi Oolong (Shui Xian)

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Wuyi Mountains in the prefecture of Nanping in Fujian, China are known as the birthplace of Oolong teas. Shui Xian cultivar meaning Narcissus or Water Sprite of Camellia sinensis grows high on the steep rocky mountainside evoking a unique Thérroir of the famed Wuyi Mountains. Shui Xian is classically toasted to a deep delicious caramelized aroma, color, and taste with a sweet honey narcissus aftertaste. Unplug with a Gaiwan of Wuyi to reconnect to your core.


Classic toasted taste of Shui Xian varietal with honey-sweet Narcissus floral notes, raisin, and a sweet lingering finish. A deep caramelized Oolong is a perfect after-dinner digestive with a sweet finish to substitute and satisfy instead of dessert.


Famed Wuyi Mountains formed by volcanic activity into rocky steep and mineral-rich terrain that is shrouded in fog to develop the unique Thérroir of Organic Wuyi Oolong.


Gaiwan Ritual: Fill 60% of Gaiwan with tea and draw fresh spring water to 93*C. Infuse 1st - 1min. 2nd - 20 secs. 3rd - 50 secs. 4th - 2mins. and subsequent as well.

Small teapot ritual: 1 tbsp per 250ml. teapot of 93*C fresh drawn and boiled spring water. Infuse 1st - 3 to 4 mins. 2nd - 5mins.


    Certified Organic Wuyi Oolong from Fujian.

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