Collection: Seasonal Collection


Our Seasonal Tea Collection brings together premium 1st flush Teas sought after for their exquisite taste, quality and freshness. Over the winter months, the tea plants slowly concentrate their luscious flavors into each new bud and leaf growth for expectant tea lovers. Downy silvery buds begin sprouting at our partner farms in Asia. High mountains in Hubei, volcanic oceanspray in Kagoshima in Japan, White buds from ancient tea trees in Yunnan, Fuding da Bai Silver Needle from Fujian, High Mountain Himalayan teas and lovely Taiwan varietals.

Seasonal hand-harvested teas and exclusive foraged ingredients are not always abundantly available. That means tea lovers can collect and may have to wait for the seasonal blends to hit the shelves next season so stock up while they can! From our BC Thérroir to Asian we bring your the rare, the foraged and the collectible fine Teas.